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Getting started

  • Anne from PactThe topics in this course are shown in column on the left. Work through the topics in order

  • You can work through the first topic in this course without paying. To proceed beyond topic 1 you will need to enroll and you will receive a PIN number that will allow you to continue through the entire course.
  • If you leave the course, please note the topic you were on so you return to that point
  • All activities are optional but you must complete the assessments
  • Click on key words for additional information
  • Go to the ‘glossary’ for definitions
  • Go to ‘Contact us’ at any time if you need help. We guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours
  • The final assessment for this course is done in the workplace. Instructions for this assessment are able to be downloaded and printed at any time. Please note that you need to complete this assessment in full - we do not offer recognition of prior learning.
  • We appreciate feedback as an opportunity to improve this course, so at any time please go to ‘Contact us’ and tell us what you think.