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Activity: Quiz

To check your understanding of the NZQA system and what is involved in being an assessor, you can complete the short quiz below.


What are the 3 steps in the assessment process?
Can an assessor assess any unit standard on the National Qualifications Framework?
As an assessor you have 3 key roles. What are they?
Is it your job to make sure everyone who needs to know about an assessment is informed?
Is it your job to keep records of assessment decisions and copies of all the documentation?
Who is responsible for checking the quality of your assessments?
The building blocks of a qualification are unit standards. What are the building blocks of a unit standard?

If you had problems with any question, review the topic and if still unsure email the tutor - go to Contact us.

If you got the answers right, well done. You are ready to do Topic 2, but you will need to be enrolled for this course to proceed to Topic 2.