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TOPIC 1 : OVERVIEW continued

Being a workplace assessor

To be an assessor you need to be assessing for an organisation. The organisation you assess for will decide what you can assess. You need to be competent yourself in what you are assessing-you can't assess everthing.

Assessing requires you to judge whether someone is competent or not yet competent.

To be able to do this you have 3 key roles:

  • Making sure each trainee is thoroughly assessed
  • Making sure all criteria are met before a trainee is signed off as competent
  • Being a good communicator – asking good questions, really listening, giving clear instructions
  • Being totally objective and fair
  • Giving balanced feedback
  • Giving praise for good work
  • Preparing - organising equipment, schedules and staff
  • Keeping accurate and up to date records of assessment decisions
  • Reporting assessment results

In this course you will learn the skills you will need to fulfill these roles.